Homosexuality is Natural

“…people who think that gays and lesbians are born that way are also more likely to support gay rights.”

-Neuroscientist Simon LeVay

I was raised Baptist and it really messed me up. It was a bad enough experience as a child, but when I started liking boys I had a serious problem and I internalized it because I believed it was wrong and unnatural. I’m not one to accept something without an explanation, so eventually decided that I had a mental illness. I still believed it after I came out of the closet and basically accepted that I was gay, sick or not. It’s an awful way to feel about yourself.

I got over the “it’s wrong because God says so” concept (not soon enough because it was so drilled into me), but being a curious person, I did lots of research on the topic and found that there is good reason to believe it is a natural phenomenon. For instance, homosexuality is very common in very many animal species. There have also been many societies where homosexuality/bisexuality has been the norm, such as ancient Greece, ancient China, feudal Japan, the modern Sambia people, and many more. For entire societies to actually expect homosexual practices from their members, it would have to be more or less natural.

There are also several good scientific theories for how homosexuality could have evolved. There’s the “gay uncle theory” suggesting that gays could have passed on their “gay genes” indirectly by not burdening their societies with their own offspring, therefore being useful in caring for their families’ offspring who would share some of their genes. There’s also the “social bonds” theory, suggesting that homosexuality provided an advantage by helping the homosexuals create better social bonds, aka friendships. I have a theory myself based on these ideas, but I’ll post that later.

It would be great to make more people aware of what information is out there to help change public opinion in favor of gay rights and to help other people struggling with their sexuality. I hope I can connect with others who are interested in working on that via this blog, so if you are, please contact me, I’d like to be more of an activist and get to know more like-minded people.



Follow up-https://wildero64.wordpress.com/2015/06/01/the-evolutionary-advantage-of-homosexuality/


56 thoughts on “Homosexuality is Natural

  1. Hey there, I saw you liked my first blog- thank you!

    I completely agree with this. I am not gay, however, i know and it’s obvious to me that you were born this way! Bottom line. It’s hard for me to understand why people cannot agree on this other than pure ignorance. I also believe it’s genetic as well, as I see trends in my own family.

    It’s not evil, it is natural in nature and I will continue to be an ally and get out there and help support your rights right along with you 😉

    your wanna be activist friend,

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  2. I tried hardcore religion to deal with all of these gay feelings I didn’t want so I get where you’re coming from . I am glad for both of us that we came to our senses and are living the lives I believe God wants to live. After all, he made us this way so how can he condemn it. -Dave

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    • Perhaps I’ll make another blog post about it. The “gay uncle” theory basically suggests that gay people would indirectly pass on their genes via their families by taking care of other family members because they wouldn’t have any offspring of their own to burden them.

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  3. I completely agree with everything said here. I was raised a baptist, too. And was never around gay people at all, that I knew of, but I dealt with my feelings as best i could and hid them as best i could. There is a lot of shoveling out, for a lot of us who grow up under the evangelical ministry or any ministry that has a bad view of sex or sexuality over all.

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  4. There has been a lot of research into homosexuality. It is not a choice it is a biological fact. People do not choose to be in a position to be so misunderstood and reviled by ignorant people. I really don’t think it is anyone else’s business and using religion against another person is just wrong. Good for you for speaking out I look forward to reading your blog.

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  5. yeah, I was born a big old queen and I’ll die one. Seems perfectly natural to me. If there is a God, and that’s another issue, and God made this world, and God don’t make mistakes, then we are God’s children perfect as we are

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  6. I really believe in the “born that way” theory. I’m not gay, but I was attracted to a certain “type” from a young age, so to me, that just makes sense. Honestly though, regardless of the reason why, we need to give ALL people the SAME rights. It shouldn’t matter if a person wants to marry the same sex or the opposite sex, one persons marriage doesn’t affect any person outside of that marriage. I posted a blog about it when I first started blogging. https://eatpraylovemom.wordpress.com/2015/04/05/what-about-human-rights-the-religious-freedom-law/

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  7. Regardless of whether it’s repressed or accepted, same-sex attractions appear in human society–and among animals, while we’re at it. So how can this not be natural? What’s unnatural is the attempt to control other people’s sexuality.

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  8. I never understood why being gay would be wrong; how can being yourself be a bad thing? You have an ally in me. I’m not a good activist, but I’ll never defy what I believe in. We’re all just humans, regardless of age, race or sexuality. Exactly the differences between us are what make us interesting.
    Great post! I enjoyed reading it 🙂

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  9. That’s the tough part, especially for youth, to accept themselves gay or not. It’s sad that our youth have to struggle at all, much less for their sexual preferences. We are all human. I’m glad you are able to love yourself finally because that’s all that matters.

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  10. I really like your scientific approach to an emotional issue, I think it’ll get through to a lot of people who are scared and need a well reasoned argument as well as acceptance as to why they’re not sick or unnatural.

    Keep up the good work!

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  11. Education will be a key to acceptance. This is an interesting discussion you have started here and I hope you can share more of the research as well as what you personally learned from it. I was raised Catholic although my father was Baptist. When you hear over and over that homosexuality is a sin, it messes with your mind and soul. It will be good to bring out the science of the issue which hopefully will get shared with others.

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  12. Love is love. That you cherish it is important. What gender you find it with is only relevant to the truth inside you.

    We need to be kind to the narrow-minded, the intolerant, and the boneheads. They were born that way. Maybe we could pray it away? 😉

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    • Lmao! Yes we should start that movement! Can’t think of much to rhyme it with though lol. I checked a rhyming dictionary but the best I could find was pray the anti-gay away. We could try that maybe? lol

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  13. I tell you what. People will probably not like me for this one, but too bad. It doesn’t matter too much to me whether you were born that way or you chose it or it was forced upon you. Who are you now? Are you comfortable with who you are? In other words, do you choose to be okay with it?
    That’s the most important thing. At least, to me. It’s like any other preference in the worlds as far as I am concerned. It is you. It is something I can accept or not and deal with you or not. That’s my choice. Yours is to be true to you.
    God is not up there judging us for our dating and/or mating preferences, choices, or have-tos.
    Live and enjoy life.

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    • I do agree with you, but we can’t count on everybody to be comfortable with themselves or each other. I don’t care much that other people don’t accept me for it-I think it’s much more important that everyone be allowed their own opinion.

      Unfortunately whether or not God is judging or other people are peacefully not accepting, there are people out there who actually harm others (or themselves) over these beliefs. So in order to reduce that problem I think it is best to discuss these things to increase acceptance/decrease teen suicides and murders and such.

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  14. First I have to say that I find it sad that you were ever put in a position as a young person to have to justify who you are to the face of religion. I can’t begin to imagine how overwhelming it must have been. Bravo for having the strength to seek the answers you needed.
    I’m glad I clicked on your blog and read this inspiring post. 🙂 May you find nothing but support here on WordPress 😀

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  15. The real question
    Is why homosexuality (or bi or whatever)
    Was demonized in the first place..
    Ppl have been gay 10000 years
    Evidence suggests…
    Oh, but be sure to go through a rigorous ritual self I humiliation by ‘coming out of the closet’ to all the brain washed people u know…..oh, did I sound like an angry lesbian? Oops. Maybe coffee will help.

    Nice writes.


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