Love/Hate Challenge

I was just nominated for the Love/Hate Challenge by Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns:

“Ok, so here are the instructions:

List 10 things I love and 10 things I hate – then nominate 10 fellow bloggers to do the same-”

So, here are the things I love and hate!


1. Tea (the best thing in life).

2. Trying New Things And Adventures (one leads to the other).

3. The Wall by Pink Floyd (it’s amazing).

4. Ridiculousness (Life)

5. Simplicity

6. New York

7. Whiskey (I use it as mouthwash in the morning).

8. Letters In The Mail (nobody sends them anymore! And that makes them so much more special now).

9. Independence

10. Egotistical People (I find them very entertaining, problematic though…)


1. Wind (The most aggravating thing in existence).

2. Chilled Butter (why!?!?!)

3. Peppers (disgusting).

4. Meter Maids (I don’t even have a car).

5. Starbucks (Unfortunately, they’re one of few places to get a decent cup of tea).

6. People Taking Things (including themselves) Too Seriously

7. Haters

8. Greetings (I think eye-contact should be enough most of the time, none when in large groups).

9. Holidays

10. Kelly Clarkson

I Nominate:

1. drhashtagbaby

2. keromonkey

3. Marcus

4. Rob Goldstein

5. Rich Paschall

6. NiaLisabeth

7. Stephany T

8. missymichaels452

9. Lucky Otter

10. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia



22 thoughts on “Love/Hate Challenge

      • OK, maybe not so emphatic in disagreement. I am in Chicago so New York is not on my Love list. Any day Chicago beats NY is a good day. I am not a big fan of Whiskey, though No Sweat is very smooth, not as mouth wash though. You have to chill butter! I hate some holidays, not others. OK, I am taking this way too seriously, which is somewhere on your list. I will get my top 10 of each together.

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        • I Love Chicago! I almost said Chicago but the “I love New York” song swayed me lol. I’ve been there twice in the past couple years and it was amazing and I’d absolutely move there if it wasn’t so cold. New York is also much closer to me. Butter should not be served chilled. I look forward to seeing yours now lol.

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        • Spring, summer, fall are best. Winter can be mild, brutal, snowy, snow-free, wet, dry, windy or even all these things, but you adapt. There are still great things to do in winter, even outdoors. We are more fun than NYC 😉

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  1. Just came by to comment because I was perusing your blog and found this post to be various levels of ‘awesome’ for, I too, find chilled butter to be one of the many things wrong with the world. Why is it even a thing? What I, kindly, must disagree with you about is your hate for wind! Uhm, wind is the poor mans way of feeling like a Victoria’s Secret model whilst hobbling along the street. This is the truth 😂

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    • Lol, chilled butter absolutely should not be, although one of my commenters actually disagreed! Well I guess that’s one time it can be worth something, but I wouldn’t pass as a Victoria’s Secret model anyway lol.


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