Another Tribute to Opinionated Man (They’re all the rage)

Yesterday Opinionated Man made his goodbye post in an unfortunate blow to the blogging world.

It seems he was pushed off due to harassment from a troll and was concerned for his family’s well-being. What’s really sad is that somebody would try to shut somebody down for speaking their mind, when the internet should be used for sharing new and different ideas, peacefully (in my opinion).

I’m glad to have enjoyed his blog and have met some great bloggers through him such as drhashtagbabyLucky OtterLindaGHill, The Oddity Writer and many others. His blog made WordPress more fun, exciting, and sociable for me and he left a great impression on me as a blogger. I learned from him and would like to put those things in practice myself. I hope to meet more bloggers this awesome as I keep going.

Thank you for your contribution to the “blogosphere”.

To Opinionated Man and all the other awesome bloggers out there,

Wil 🙂


25 thoughts on “Another Tribute to Opinionated Man (They’re all the rage)

  1. I so agree. His writing could woke me up and get me to look closer at myself. I should hate him for that I suppose (lol) – – but if reading helps me become a better me – then I only have praise and thanks. And as he posted, I will often be back to read the treasures that are here.

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  2. […] I learned today that one of the newer blogs I have been following, Opinionated Man, has stopped blogging for an undetermined amount of time.  He states his reason for leaving is to become a “treasure hunter,” however, having followed him for some time, I felt it was more due to a horrible troll bashing on him and threatening his family.  This idea was supported in another post >here<. […]

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  3. I just reblogged that post. Thank you for mentioning this, I didn’t even know. I might have mistakenly edited my follower options (which I do a lot) because I didn’t get the message 😦 This is too sad 😦

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  4. Thats so fucking stupid that he even had to leave blogging behind in the first place. People like that troll, and im not going to mention any names, need to lighten the fuck up and stop being so god damn serious. That person blew an otherwise peaceful argument way out of proportion and made a very dedicated blogger with tons of insight have to fear for the safety of his family. All i have to say to that troll (you know who you are) is fuck off you little coward bitch. You try to act tough by harassing people and making threats, but we all know in person you would cower like the little bitch that you are. Get a fucking life…peace

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  5. Thanks for posting this. I didn’t know he had stopped blogging. I hope it’s temporary–I really think that WordPress needs to look at formulating a tight TOS for dealing with harassment or they might find themselves on the other side of a wrongful injury suit–an abuser doesn’t even need to be in the same country anymore.

    All of the legal disclaimers in the world can’t stop an expensive lawsuit if someone is angry enough to launch one. Even if they win they lose.


  6. Thanks for the shout out friend, I’m glad I met u too! Om never told me but I somehow know he is not done yet. Every decent blogger sheds an alias time to time. Fact is Jason is a brilliant content creator and innovative In his networking. while he was experimenting some of his never been done before tactics were criticized. perhaps he focused too much attention on recruiting followers from wordpress alone when he could have been seeking more solid followers all over social media? We can all learn from him……and…..try to figure out his new name/platform. Shouldnt be hard.

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