About Me

My name is Wil. I am 25 years old and gay-although that’s not my whole life. I love trying and learning new things and having new interesting experiences and adventures. I used to shoot drugs, until about 6 years ago. I love tea very much.

I involve myself in non-profit work. I am on the Board of Directors of Youth Pride, Inc., an LGBT youth center for ages 13-23. I volunteer for Project Weber, a drop-in center for male sex-workers, the first of its kind in the United States and at Rhode Island for Community and Justice as a camp counselor for their “Project Respect”, and for their other projects throughout the year. I think it is very important and fulfilling to do goodwill.

I currently work at a great restaurant and as a Brand Ambassador (awesome job). Working as a Brand Ambassador has taken me (and a few friends) on some amazing adventures.

When I asked my roommates to describe me for this post, one of them replied “You’re more akin to a tomahawk than a machete.” I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean so interpret it however you like.




21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. No lie, I have never heard of anyone that does what you do. I feel like you would be a very interesting person to meet and i feel like the only way I would do that is by reading what you have to say. So keep on blogging and letting us know your story because I feel like it could change many lives.

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  2. Thanks lol. I just recently became aware of him and Opinionated Man. I’ve been following OM and absolutely agree with you. Maybe my question to the troll was pointless, but this started with a brief discussion I had on one of Andy…’s blog posts. I approved the comment because I figured OM wouldn’t mind it there lol


  3. Sometimes we get promotional comments or just things that have nothing to do with the article we posted. Often they are deleted, rarely approved. It depends. I guess you have to go case by case. Anyway, I am glad I found your blog. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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