Homosexuality is Natural

“…people who think that gays and lesbians are born that way are also more likely to support gay rights.”

-Neuroscientist Simon LeVay

I was raised Baptist and it really messed me up. It was a bad enough experience as a child, but when I started liking boys I had a serious problem and I internalized it because I believed it was wrong and unnatural. I’m not one to accept something without an explanation, so eventually decided that I had a mental illness. I still believed it after I came out of the closet and basically accepted that I was gay, sick or not. It’s an awful way to feel about yourself.

I got over the “it’s wrong because God says so” concept (not soon enough because it was so drilled into me), but being a curious person, I did lots of research on the topic and found that there is good reason to believe it is a natural phenomenon. For instance, homosexuality is very common in very many animal species. There have also been many societies where homosexuality/bisexuality has been the norm, such as ancient Greece, ancient China, feudal Japan, the modern Sambia people, and many more. For entire societies to actually expect homosexual practices from their members, it would have to be more or less natural.

There are also several good scientific theories for how homosexuality could have evolved. There’s the “gay uncle theory” suggesting that gays could have passed on their “gay genes” indirectly by not burdening their societies with their own offspring, therefore being useful in caring for their families’ offspring who would share some of their genes. There’s also the “social bonds” theory, suggesting that homosexuality provided an advantage by helping the homosexuals create better social bonds, aka friendships. I have a theory myself based on these ideas, but I’ll post that later.

It would be great to make more people aware of what information is out there to help change public opinion in favor of gay rights and to help other people struggling with their sexuality. I hope I can connect with others who are interested in working on that via this blog, so if you are, please contact me, I’d like to be more of an activist and get to know more like-minded people.



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