1. Don’t expect this page to entertain you.

2. This page is going to mostly list things I like and dislike. Basically another “About Me” page. Use it for reference if you like.

3. Lists aren’t in any specific order unless otherwise stated.



Favorite Blogs as of now:


Rich Paschall

Rob Goldstein

Lucky Otter

Oscar Alejandro Plascencia





Stephany T


The Oddity Writer


Love/Hate, Inspired by the Love/Hate Challenge-Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns


1. Tea (the best thing in life).

2. Trying New Things And Adventures (one leads to the other).

3. The Wall by Pink Floyd (it’s amazing).

4. Ridiculousness (Life)

5. Simplicity

6. New York

7. Whiskey (I use it as mouthwash in the morning).

8. Letters In The Mail (nobody sends them anymore! And that makes them so much more special now).

9. Independence

10. Egotistical People (I find them very entertaining, problematic though…)



1. Wind (The most aggravating thing in existence).

2. Chilled Butter (why!?!?!)

3. Peppers (disgusting).

4. Meter Maids (I don’t even have a car).

5. Starbucks (Unfortunately, they’re one of few places to get a decent cup of tea).

6. People Taking Things (including themselves) Too Seriously

7. Holidays

8. Greetings (I think eye-contact should be enough most of the time).

9. Haters

10. Kelly Clarkson


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