Another Tribute to Opinionated Man (They’re all the rage)

Yesterday Opinionated Man made his goodbye post in an unfortunate blow to the blogging world.

It seems he was pushed off due to harassment from a troll and was concerned for his family’s well-being. What’s really sad is that somebody would try to shut somebody down for speaking their mind, when the internet should be used for sharing new and different ideas, peacefully (in my opinion).

I’m glad to have enjoyed his blog and have met some great bloggers through him such as drhashtagbabyLucky OtterLindaGHill, The Oddity Writer and many others. His blog made WordPress more fun, exciting, and sociable for me and he left a great impression on me as a blogger. I learned from him and would like to put those things in practice myself. I hope to meet more bloggers this awesome as I keep going.

Thank you for your contribution to the “blogosphere”.

To Opinionated Man and all the other awesome bloggers out there,

Wil 🙂


Love/Hate Challenge

I was just nominated for the Love/Hate Challenge by Runaway Nuns and Leprechauns:

“Ok, so here are the instructions:

List 10 things I love and 10 things I hate – then nominate 10 fellow bloggers to do the same-”

So, here are the things I love and hate!


1. Tea (the best thing in life).

2. Trying New Things And Adventures (one leads to the other).

3. The Wall by Pink Floyd (it’s amazing).

4. Ridiculousness (Life)

5. Simplicity

6. New York

7. Whiskey (I use it as mouthwash in the morning).

8. Letters In The Mail (nobody sends them anymore! And that makes them so much more special now).

9. Independence

10. Egotistical People (I find them very entertaining, problematic though…)


1. Wind (The most aggravating thing in existence).

2. Chilled Butter (why!?!?!)

3. Peppers (disgusting).

4. Meter Maids (I don’t even have a car).

5. Starbucks (Unfortunately, they’re one of few places to get a decent cup of tea).

6. People Taking Things (including themselves) Too Seriously

7. Haters

8. Greetings (I think eye-contact should be enough most of the time, none when in large groups).

9. Holidays

10. Kelly Clarkson

I Nominate:

1. drhashtagbaby

2. keromonkey

3. Marcus

4. Rob Goldstein

5. Rich Paschall

6. NiaLisabeth

7. Stephany T

8. missymichaels452

9. Lucky Otter

10. Oscar Alejandro Plascencia



I’m just a new little blogger and this is now only my sixth post. Already I’ve been attacked by a troll.

All I did was defend another blogger’s right to freedom of speech and from harassment. I’m just some guy who started a blog.

The blogger I defended is “Opinionated Man“. He has some really great material and is one of the most worthwhile blogs I follow so far. I don’t agree with everything he has to say, but so what? He seems like a great guy. Everyone has their own opinions and should be allowed that. I highly recommend checking him out.

Poor, cruel blog world :’-(