About This Blog

I am new to writing, social media and blogging but I would like to use this blog as a way of improving my writing skills and reaching out to other people.

I intend to take my time developing this blog and have a variety of topics, but will likely focus on sexuality for a while and hopefully discuss Sociobiology (“the systematic study of the biological basis of all social behavior”- Edward O. Wilson, author of Sociobiology: The New Synthesis.)




One thought on “About This Blog

  1. Hi Wil,

    It is very nice to know that you like sociobiology. I would like to inform you that in a week or two, I shall publish a new post about human nature in which biophilia, which is coined by Edward O Wilson, will be discussed. Please feel free to subscribe to my website if you would like to be notified of the new post when it is published later.


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