About Me

My name is Wil. I am 25 years old and gay-although that’s not my whole life. I love trying and learning new things and having new interesting experiences and adventures. I used to shoot drugs, until about 6 years ago. I love tea very much.

I involve myself in non-profit work. I am on the Board of Directors of Youth Pride, Inc., an LGBT youth center for ages 13-23. I volunteer for Project Weber, a drop-in center for male sex-workers, the first of its kind in the United States and at Rhode Island for Community and Justice as a camp counselor for their “Project Respect”, and for their other projects throughout the year. I think it is very important and fulfilling to do goodwill.

I currently work at a great restaurant and as a Brand Ambassador (awesome job). Working as a Brand Ambassador has taken me (and a few friends) on some amazing adventures.

When I asked my roommates to describe me for this post, one of them replied “You’re more akin to a tomahawk than a machete.” I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean so interpret it however you like.




21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. No lie, I have never heard of anyone that does what you do. I feel like you would be a very interesting person to meet and i feel like the only way I would do that is by reading what you have to say. So keep on blogging and letting us know your story because I feel like it could change many lives.

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  2. Thanks lol. I just recently became aware of him and Opinionated Man. I’ve been following OM and absolutely agree with you. Maybe my question to the troll was pointless, but this started with a brief discussion I had on one of Andy…’s blog posts. I approved the comment because I figured OM wouldn’t mind it there lol

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  3. Sometimes we get promotional comments or just things that have nothing to do with the article we posted. Often they are deleted, rarely approved. It depends. I guess you have to go case by case. Anyway, I am glad I found your blog. I look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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